Artist Statement

Pictures #1-4 are from the "Elegies" series, extremely small paintings dedicated to the residents of Greenwood Cemetery. Each is a meticulously depicted fragment of a dead leaf or twig, rendered in watercolor and acrylic.
Pictures #5-7 are part of the "Epilogs," tall scroll-format paintings of cataclysmic devastation (#6 and 7 are details of larger scrolls.) The pictures can be viewed individually or as an undulating sequence. This series, just recently completed, does not yet appear on my website.

The Guestbook

moiorel says: The artist understands and engages the medium of watercolor so well! His paintings - evocative, esoteric and philosophical - work through a controlled and inspired use of color and brush stroke, while affording paper an equally significant role in the making of the image. In both cycles representational and abstract elements are symbolically charged and bespeak of beauty and fragility of everything natural and human. In the Elegies series this is achieved through the isolation and intense focus on a decaying leaf or a twig. While in the Epilogs, such symbolism is carried through a juxtaposition of vivid abstract washes and delicate drawings of architectural remnants. I could spend a long time looking at each piece!